How to Clean Your Garage

What are your plans to spend your holiday this? If you are not thinking about doing anything on Saturday and Sunday tomorrow, cleaning your house can be an alternative activity that can be done.

how to clean your garage

Cleaning a house is sometimes not an activity that you like but who doesn’t want to see a house or room that looks clean and neatly arranged? Of course, we all want it, including you. Moreover, the room is our favorite room when spending time at home.

For daddies out there, maybe automotive is one of the hobbies that they often do when they are free. Certainly, for automotive enthusiasts, the garage is their second home.

Garages are aside from being the area to place our vehicles, also a place to spend time with our automotive hobbies. However, the garage is one of the rooms that is rarely cleaned.

People very often let the garage look dirty and dirty because after all this room will be filled with oil and mud from the vehicle. Letting a dirty and unorganized garage continuously is not a wise thing.

Watch for Pests

Items that often accumulate in the garage can also be a nest of mice, cockroaches, or mosquito nets. These animals can interfere you when you are doing your automotive hobbies in this garage. After all, the used items are often used up in the garage and make the garage look cramped. Thus you need to take out all the items and start cleaning the whole room

To be able to clean the garage effectively, you need to remove the entire contents of the garage. Then, do the cleaning. Start from the ceiling of the garage and continue to the wall. If there are holes or leaks, fillings, they should be done.

Final Touches

If the walls and ceiling appear dull and black due to exhaust fumes from the vehicle, then there’s no harm in doing repainting. Finally, do cleaning on the garage floor. Automotive tools are sometimes placed scattered in the garage.

Besides being able to make the room appear narrow, tools that are left strewn will confuse you when you need them. That is why there’s nothing wrong with placing a rack and cabinet in a garage that can be used to store automotive tools such as pliers and screwdrivers.

By placing automotive tools on special shelves, you and the people at home will easily look for automotive items needed. This shelf and cabinet will also protect automotive tools from fire, water, or children’s reach.