5 Garage Flooring Ideas

In building a car garage (carport), there are several things that you need to consider, one of them is the type of garage floor that will be installed. As we see the function as a place for our car or motorcycle, the garage floor is an important element that needs to be well designed so that the vehicle does not slip.

garage flooring ideas

Before determining the type of garage floor to be purchased, you should know the advantages of each floor material. To help you, here are 5 types of floors that can be applied to a carport at home.


The first type of carport floor is ceramics. Although it is commonly used, in fact, this material is still a favorite of some homeowners. The reason is that the variety of motifs, textures, and colors of ceramics can make the appearance of carport and home look more attractive.

If you want to use ceramics as a carport floor, the main thing that needs to be observed is the selection of the texture. Use coarse-textured ceramics that are designed for outdoor areas, so they are not slippery when exposed to water and provide good grip when you brake the vehicle.

Peel and Stick Tile

Another floor concept that you can consider is peel and stick tile. If you like the VCT style but don’t want to do regular maintenance, peel and stick tile is the answer. Don’t worry, the protection offered remains the same, which is resistant to car oil stains or spills.

Although the surface is shiny like vinyl, the diamond pattern it has is anti-slip so you don’t need to worry during the rainy season.


Another garage flooring option is stucco. The right composition of cement and sand will produce a sturdy concrete rebate to hold the weight of the car. How to make this type of carport floor is quite easy.

Only by leveling the ground and coated with sand, then mix the concrete mixture to get a concrete rebate 8cm to 10cm thick.


Vinyl Composite Tile or better known as VCT, can be used as an alternative for those who want a retro look in the garage. Related to the choice of colors, black and white with a plaid are the ones most often applied.

If you want other colors, a combination of gray,  red and blue can be another option. However, you still have to adjust the colors and motifs of VCT in a home style. Good glossiness, resistance to car stains and fluids, is the main advantage of VCT type floors.

You need to remember, VCT requires routine care such as waxing and buffing to keep it shiny. Of course, this is comparable to the price that is relatively cheaper than interlocking tiles.


The last option is wooden for your garage flooring option. Choose the hardwood one because of its strong construction.