Creating a Garage Gym

Exercising has now become a hype lifestyle in big cities in many countries. In addition to maintaining body condition, exercising can also refresh the mind. Unfortunately, the desire to exercise is often hampered by reasons of expenditure.

garage gym

The reason is because the cost of gym members in big cities is quite expensive. Compared to spending a lot of money on the gym, why don’t we make it at home? Maybe you will immediately imagine at a great cost? But don’t be discouraged.

As long as there is intention there is a way. You can build you own gym at your garage start from $100 USD. You can really build your own gym.  There are many kinds of exercises you can do in your own garage.

Get Your Equipment

Start making or buying the equipment for your garage gym. The most affordable exercise in garage is pull up. It is a mandatory exercise menu for those of you who want to have an athletic body, this exercise can enlarge your back muscles, your wings, and your biceps.

In order to build your own gym at home, you can use a portable pull up bar that can be hooked on the door frame.

The price of portable pull up bar itself is relatively cheap. In fact, with a portable pull-up bar, you can do a variety of exercises. When it is placed on the floor, this tool can be useful as a push-up stand, and can also be used for sit-ups.

You want to maximize your chest muscles using a bench press, but are they expensive and don’t match the budget? It’s easy, you can make your own bench press made of iron and cement. You need about 2 meters.

Gather the Rest

With that much sand and cement, you can get a load of 5 kilos in 4 pieces, 7 kilos in 4 pieces, 9 kilos in 2 pieces, and 4 kilos in 2 pieces that you can attach to the iron you have bought. Don’t forget to make an incline bench, it can be made of wood or other materials.

The other thing you need is a carpet or mattress that is often used at the gym or gym. The price can be varied depending on the material and how much you need. Since you only need this to make the exercises done on the ground so that your body parts do not hurt, then you only need  4 meters wide for your mattress.