Steps to Building a Garage

One way to protect vehicles from the sun and rain in your dwelling is to build a garage. Yes, this effort is made so that your car or vehicle is protected from rust caused by acidic dew.

Then, how to build a garage that is comfortable and suitable for your car? Here are some steps to building an ideal garage that you can apply at home.

home with attached garage

First, determine where you will put the car garage. Do not let the presence of the garage, actually disrupt the flow of air into the house. On the other hand, building a detached garage will give you more freedom of what you can do with it.

Another trick to make an ideal garage is as much as possible the look is in harmony and united with the house. In other words, overall the garage should be made in a style that is in line with the design of the house.

When building a garage, you should choose a floor material that has small pores such as granite or ceramic. So that later it will be easy to clean and dirt will not absorb. You can use the luxury of Granite as a top choice.

Granite tile material consists of clay, silica sand, dyes, and feldspar. It is also homogeneous. The top to bottom layers have the same material quality. In addition, in order to avoid the slippery surface of the garage floor, you should choose a textured ceramic material.

When building a garage, you should choose a floor material that has strong durability. With very good quality, you can use granite as a top choice.

It is produced using raw materials such as clay, silica sand, dyes, and feldspar. So, you no longer need to doubt the quality of the floor. In addition, to avoid slippery floor surfaces you should choose tiles that have a rough texture.

Don’t forget to adjust the size or number of cars you have. For small cars, it is enough with a garage measuring 2.4 x 4.8 m. As for large cars, you must provide a 3 m x 6 m land to build a garage.

hide everything inside your garage

Always measure every side of garage because it is important for the precision so it will be safe for you whenever you want to park your car inside garage. Too small garage will not give you maximum comfort. To have better garage, you may need to have back up space so you can store things related to your car.